It’s In-Law … We Mean… Holiday Season! Match the Cocktail to the Family Member

It’s In-Law … We Mean… Holiday Season! Match the Cocktail to the Family Member

Ah, holidays! A time of gatherings, yuletide cheer and that special kind of guest – in-laws. If you’re married, you know what this means. If you’re single, take notes.

But this holiday season will be different because you’ve got SPLASH™ alcohol flavors for customizable craft, seltzer cocktails. SPLASH™ is the gift that keeps on giving. When your in-laws walk through your door, put on your best smile, hug them like you mean it,  and offer them a little taste of bubbly wonderfulness. (Be sure to pour yourself a glass, as well.)

Splash Raspberry Seltzer glass with red and white straw

For your feminine in-laws

Pour them a glass of SPLASH™ Raspberry. Why? Because what woman doesn’t love flowers? The raspberry is the edible fruit of a plant species from the rose family. The raspberry is a little tangy and a little sweet – probably just like the ladies in your lives. Are we right?


Splash Lychee Seltzer glass with lemon garnish

For your unique in-laws

Chances are these in-laws are an acquired taste. Ultra-competitive? Super nerdy? If any of your in-laws defy description, pour them SPLASH™ Lychee. Because does anyone really know what a lychee is without looking it up? Just like your slightly different relative, you have to try SPLASH™ Lychee alcohol flavor to really know what it’s all about. The aromatic lychee is sweet, with slightly floral and acidic notes. Upon biting, you'll get a juicy flavor burst with a taste similar to a strawberry or pear with a hint of citrus.


Splash Cucumber Mint Margarita Seltzer glass with straw and coaster

For your international in-laws

There’s always that “one” who has no kids, no mortgage and few worries, other than how to pay for the next adventure. (Yeah, we don’t like them either.) Their passports are stamped, and they only show their faces for holiday food fests. Hand this person a SPLASH™ Mojito or Cucumber Mint Margarita. Several theories abound as to the origins of the mojito, but it definitely hails from Cuba. The margarita may have come from Mexico, Texas or California – who knows? Ask the traveler who is sipping it, and it’s sure to start a cool conversation about where they’ve been and where they’re headed to next.


Splash Sangria seltzer glass with orange garnish and red and white straw

For your wine-loving in-laws

No, SPLASH is not a wine, but we channeled the best parts of fermented grape juice into SPLASH™ Sangria alcohol flavor, which features the fruity juiciness of the cocktail, but with none of the sulfite side effects. So, if an in-law says, “well, I prefer wines,” indulge their palate with a bit of this and make a convert out of them. You’re welcome.
Splash Black Cherry seltzer glass with red and white straw

For the Dark Horse in-law

For the contrary one; for the one who starts things up, then walks away; for the one who brings the questionable date – on purpose; for the one who loves to instigate, argue and bring up politically incorrect stuff, just to get the party really started… Yep, them. They get SPLASH™ Black Cherry and a special place in our hearts. Because it is really the holidays until the debate begins??? Is it really?


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