Let’s Talk Lychee

Let’s Talk Lychee

So, what do we know about SPLASH™ Lychee? The customizable craft, seltzer cocktail mixes for people who like good stuff comes in six amazing alcohol flavors, five of which most of us have tasted, broadly speaking, of course. (If you haven’t had a cherry, raspberry, mojito, margarita or sangria, there’s still time.)

But that lychee… hmm…. Can’t say that one is as well-known as the other flavors, so it’s time for a more robust introduction. We can’t have you missing out on a great SPLASH™, just because you’re not familiar with this particular fruit, vegetable, flower, root or seed?

OK, just what is a lychee?

According to Merriam-Webster.com, a lychee (lychee nut or litchi nut or less commonly lichee nut) is the small, oval to roundish fruit of a Chinese tree (Litchi chinensis) of the soapberry family, having a rough or warty, yellow, pink, or reddish leathery rind and sweet-to-slightly acidic, usually whitish, edible flesh that surrounds a single large seed. Simply put, it’s a fruit from China that was first used around 1588. It’s big in India too.

lychee cracked open showing fleshy inside and seed

Other interesting factoids:

  • Lychee is also known as the “Alligator Strawberry” – we’re guessing because of its leathery exterior and juicy interior. In any case, it’s a cool nickname!
  • Lychee contains good amount of fiber and Vitamin B-complex, antioxidants, and potassium.
  • Lychees have significant amount of water content and fiber, which has a soothing effect on the stomach.
  • It’s primarily used in juices, sauces and ice cream.

So why did SPLASH™ think it would make for a delicious flavor for customizable craft, seltzer cocktail mixes for people who like good stuff?

The aromatic lychee is sweet, with slightly floral and acidic notes. Upon biting, you'll get a juicy flavor burst with a taste similar to a strawberry or pear with a hint of citrus. Combined with the effervescent zing of bubbles, the low-calorie indulgence of quality vodka and other lovely flavors, SPLASH™ brings this unfamiliar fruit essence to life.

Try it. You might like it – a lot.

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